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Planning and implementation of R&D tenders

In the Neuron Labs application area, it deals exclusively with the construction of projects suitable for R&D resources and their implementation in the domestic and international fields. 

Why should you work with us?

  • You will find out what funding opportunities are available for the implementation of your projects.

  • You will also receive up-to-date information about the expected market reception of your product and the legal environment from us.

  • With thoughtful planning, you will get rid of a significant part of the dead ends and additional costs inherent in developments.

  • You will be aware of the resources and timing required to achieve your goals.

  • You get an independent project team during the planning and implementation period.

  • You reduce the risk, costs and time of your developments.


Our experience so far


conducted domestic and international R&D projects


professional work done in the country

21.5 billion 

R&D support received HUF


that you will be satisfied with us

The R&D tender fundraising process


Can I finance my development through a grant? - Mapping resources

Overview of domestic and international R&D grant sources that match the development goal and the economic characteristics of the applicant company.  


Where, how and with whom will we get there? - Project foundation

Formulation of business and professional goals, finding and integrating the necessary competencies into the project team. 


What do we need to do to achieve the goals? - Professional and financial planning

The development of professional and financial documentation suitable for the given call, as well as the compilation of the supporting documents required for submission. 


A well-thought-out plan is already 5% success, let's add the remaining 95% - Innovation project management and implementation

Project management of the implementation, as well as implementation in the field of IT developments and hardware developments. 


Let's sell our development - Business utilization of development results

It is the market introduction of the created product and technologyUSAin and aSoutheast Asian in the region. 

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