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Entering the US market

Do you feel that the USA is a world away both culturally and geographically?You don't know how to start? Wondering why you should even consider expanding into the US?

At Neuron Labs, we understand these concerns and are here to help you every step of the way.

Embark on the path of strategic planning, where in our "Discovery" workshop we will align your ambitions with the huge opportunities the USA has to offer, ensuring that your strategy is ready for success. Immerse yourself in the cultural and business etiquette of the United States and understand not only the market, but also the people.

We guide you through all the nuances, ensuring effective communication and relationship building. You can form powerful alliances with the right partners, thereby speeding up your entry into the American market.

Our network moves your business forward, and our professional team helps you enter the market.  Our experienced American partners are at your disposal in the areas of regulation, finance, taxation and marketing.

We are here to ensure a smooth transition and launch. From finding investors to creating processes, we provide practical local assistance, ensuring a safe market entry for your business.

We build the road clearly step by step, with tangible results, so you always know where you stand and where you are going.


Why is the US market good?

"The American market is the world's largest "test kitchen".
If you succeed here, you can succeed anywhere."

World leader in many sectors

It is a global leader in many sectors, including finance, technology, healthcare, agriculture and food, which can give businesses access to cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Huge customer market

One of the largest consumer markets in the world. This gives companies a huge audience to sell their products and services to, and consumer purchasing power is among the highest worldwide.

Business-friendly environment

It has an enterprise-friendly business environment, with low taxes, a policy supporting enterprises and preferential regulatory frameworks.

Unique financing options

It has a solid financial system, with many financing options available to businesses, including venture capital, angel investors and government grants.

Advanced infrastructure

it has modern infrastructure, including transport, communication and energy systems, which can help businesses operate more efficiently.

Productive workforce

It has a talented and productive workforce,  with skilled labor in various industries.

Benefits of Neuron Labs USA Market Entry

Strategy refinement

Insights into American cultural and business etiquette to increase the effectiveness of interactions.

Strategic networking

Targeted contact with investors in order to secure the necessary financing for your business.

Operation development

Setting up and ensuring smooth operation.

Professional partner relations

Leverage Neuron Labs' US partners in key areas such as regulatory compliance, finance, tax and marketing.

Guided professional meetings

Facilitate coordinated meetings with industry experts to advance go-to-market and establishment goals.

Why should you work with us?


We understand the dynamics of the USA

With 20 years of experience in various industries, we have realized that American culture is different from Europe. Our deep understanding of American business nuances ensures that we are perfectly aligned with your goals.


We work with local experts

Through our experience and network of business contacts in the United States, we know the local characteristics and expectations. We actively help with local implementation in order to achieve your goals.


Adaptability flexibility

Our adaptability ensures that we always find the right solutions for your needs, whether it's a lack of time or unforeseen changes.


Active and strong partner network

Our access to a network of reliable and experienced partners guarantees that you always have the highest level of expertise.

Request an offer!

Do you have a question? Are you planning to enter the US market? Apply and let's talk!

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