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  • What companies does Neuron Labs deal with?
    With domestic and CEE region companies that have finished products and sales on the domestic market.
  • What results can I expect from Neuron Labs?
    Of course, each of our services produces different specific result products. In general, however, you can expect the following from working with us: • You will learn what funding opportunities are available for the implementation of your projects. • You will also receive up-to-date information about the expected market reception of your product and the legal environment from us. • With thoughtful planning, you will get rid of a significant part of the dead ends and additional costs inherent in developments. • You will be aware of the resources and timing required to achieve your goals. • You get an independent project team during the planning and implementation period. • You reduce the risk, costs and time of your developments.
  • I see, so you do R&D?
    Not only with this. Neuron Labs deals with development. By this we mean the creation of specific products/services (this is R&D), as well as business development tasks, where the goal is to reach new target markets, create new business branches, and appear in new countries.
  • Who can apply?
    Since we only deal with R&D tenders, they must comply with the specific call for tenders. Most often, wage-related costs are a bottleneck: companies with at least HUF 250 million in personal expenses in the profit and loss statement in the previous year have a good chance of planning with such resources.
  • Are there any excluded sectors?
    In the field of R&D, they typically do not give preference to companies dealing only with trade.
  • What amount of investment is available?
    Typically 1-3 million euros from domestic investors and 1-5 million euros from international investors. Co-investment, i.e. joint risk-taking by investors, is becoming more and more common, when a domestic and an international investor jointly invest in the project company.
  • In which countries can NeuronLabs support market entry?
    We work with a center in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), from where we can reach "nearby" countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia.
  • When should I think about entering the US market?
    The US market is one of the most competitive markets in the world, with high barriers to entry in most industries. You need to be able to finance this entry, and you need patience. You need a niche product that serves a clear need, and it has to fit in with the dominant solutions that are already common in the given market. In the B2C market, it is only worth starting with significant capital, the chances are better in B2B markets. But it all depends on the project. The first conversation with us is always about determining whether you are ready for this.
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