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Neuron Labs

Expertise in IT intensive R+D+I projects

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Development can be managed predictably

What do we do?

Neuron Labs develops and implements value-creating projects on an international level, which have significant IT content and, to a lesser extent, hardware development elements. Our knowledge can create special added value primarily for medium-sized and large companies that operate in the fields of agriculture, food industry and health industry.

In what areas can we help?

Our services cover the entire development life cycle, from project planning and implementation to business utilization planning. For our partners, Neuron Labs is a complex R+D+I solution provider who can make not only one segment of development-related tasks and problems, but also the entire process, stable, transparent and well-manageable.

What are our main strengths?

Developments with high added value require a dynamic market environment for effective utilization. We also support our partners in building appropriate partnerships in North America and South Asia, establishing their presence in these regions.

Our main strength is the realization of hardware-related, IT-intensive developments, primarily in the fields of agriculture, food industry and health industry.

Our activities

Development tasks in themselves represent an additional risk for an organization, primarily due to the novelty content of the tasks and the potential pitfalls inherent in the process of creating the novelty.

Our task is to minimize this risk for our customers and maximize the chance of successful development.

We create the transparent, designable environment in which they can confidently achieve their own development goals.

We implement this set of conditions through different service groups in the different life stages of the developments.

In what situations should we start talking?

Specialists are needed

The development task is not part of the core business activity.

The internal development capacities are only sufficient for the implementation of one partial task.

Fast planning / implementation is necessary because the development affects a business-critical area.

Missing competencies

In order to achieve the development goals, it is necessary to involve outstanding competences at the international level as well.

Close cooperation of professional, financial and business thinking must be implemented.

It is a fund with IP protection, but the aim is to produce applied research and then industrialize it. 

International market entry

If the company wants to expand in North America or South Asia, assess its possibilities.

You are looking for international business partners or financiers.

You want to present yourself safely and planably in North America or the ASEAN region.

Lack of resources

If the necessary capital for implementation is lacking.

The project requires tender capital.

Domestic or international venture capital is required.

What results can you expect?

Our goal is to transform high-tech developments and their utilization into commercially predictable processes.

You will find out what funding opportunities are available for the implementation of your projects.


You will also receive up-to-date information about the expected market reception of your product and the legal environment from us.


With thoughtful planning, you will get rid of a significant part of the dead ends and additional costs inherent in developments.

You will be aware of the resources and timing required to achieve your goals.

You get an independent project team during the planning and implementation period.

You reduce the risk, costs and time of your developments.

Our team

A motivated team of senior professionals with extensive international experience, whose goal is to bring clients' projects to success. 

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