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Market entry..


Learn the peculiarities arising from the business, mental and social differences of Southeast Asia!

Let's create your market-specific value proposition, sales strategy and operating model together!

Get to know potential customers, financiers, subcontractors and local support opportunities with us!

Introduce yourself online and later in person to your new business partners, apply the learned elements!

Make smart use of the presence of your local representative and our infrastructure provided by us, which strengthens your local position!

Make successful deals and generate sales!

Start your first Southeast Asian company to conquer ASEAN  countries of the region!


Who do we recommend?

  • For companies with tested and working innovation and value proposition, open to product development,
    for businesses operating successfully on the domestic and/or foreign market and wanting to expand.

  • For projects with adequate background infrastructure and capital.

  • For a team that does not shy away from challenges and is ready to learn the rules of a new business region in order to succeed.

  • Those who are ready to meet and serve the expectations set by intensive growth.

  • Those whose real goal is to build a local presence in the Southeast Asian region.

  • They have personal motivation and professional determination to conquer a new continent.

How do we make it happen?

Our Soft Landing Programs, depending on the level of graduation, they "hands on" accompany the processes of successful market entry, from getting to know each other through introductions, to real business utilization.

What can you expect from our Soft Landing program?

With security and adequate professional support, you can take the first steps towards conquering the ASEAN market.

Up-to-date market knowledge and contacts

Personalized representation, we constantly make your company visible, and we ensure a permanent presence

We help you find and engage
the necessary capital for your growth

We accompany the processes from lead search to contract conclusion

A perfect understanding of the South-East Asian market, getting to know its operation and mastering its uniqueness

Ensuring the most favorable conditions for entering the market.  State subsidies, discounts  acquisition

How is the program structured?

All elements of the program are well planned and build on each other so that you reach your goal safely and successfully set off in Southeast Asia.


In the framework of an online workshop, the participants in the program learn about the local financial, legal, company founding and operating rules and peculiarities with the involvement of a local expert. 


We analyze the market, collect data, model and position. We assess the potential of the project in the Southeast Asian markets and evaluate the data.

Value creation

We perfect the value proposition, we plan the course of market entry and growth. We develop the financing and business strategy.

Online - GTM

We will prepare the necessary documents together. We visit potential partners and get to know them in an online meeting. We are looking for the necessary subcontractors and cooperation partners.

Market introduction

We introduce ourselves to potential partners at a personal workshop.

We organize 1 on 1 business meetings for you. We create an opportunity to introduce ourselves to financiers.

We provide follow-up until the deal is concluded.

What specifically do we prepare as part of the Soft Landing program?


Introductory materials

Image 11.png



Contact lists


Local value proposition


Market analyses


Sales model


Marketing plan


Competitor analysis

Within the framework of the Soft Landing program, the following knowledge is transferred.


ASEAN market

Image 12.png

Getting to know ASEAN business regions









Legal and financial regulations


Company formation and


Your suppliers


6 reasons why we should talk!

We have active Southeast Asian relations at all levels

We are continuously present in the region with headquarters and infrastructure in Kuala Lumpur

Significant experience in market introduction and business development in the ASEAN region

We know the market, investors, and our partners include many local organizations

We provide personalized professional hands-on service

We successfully cooperate with Hungarian embassies operating in the region

Request an offer!

Do you have a question? Would you open to the Southeast Asian market? Apply and let's talk!

Köszönjük érdeklődésed, hamarosan jelentkezünk!

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