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Who do we recommend?

Typically for companies in the growth phase that have a ready-made service or product and have already validated themselves on the market. Launching on the domestic market is a sufficient condition for raising capital, if the company also has foreign prospects, it provides additional opportunities.

For companies that have at least HUF 50-100 million sales revenue in the previous years that can be reported.

Teams with a stable professional background and a reportable track record should apply. Since the venture capital investor invests in a future development or plan, the composition, dynamics and dedication of the team are extremely important to them.

For projects that have innovative digital development. If possible, a well-understood market solution is renewed with digital innovation. In addition to these, unique inventions (even hardware ones) can also be interesting.


Our main focus

  • Projects operating in the domestic and CEE region Startups in need of EUR 1-3 million in funding AgriTech, MedTech, HealthTech, AdTech solutions.

  • Innovative companies in the field of green energy and sustainability.

  • Operating and queryable revenue generating companies.

  • International market entry planning projects.

  • Dedicated professional teams who are strong in unity.

What can you expect from us?

We are a professional, sales-driven, results-oriented team who, in addition to planning, believe in real market results, achieving KPIs and realizing sales revenue.

Up-to-date knowledge of domestic & for the CEE regional investor market

Searching for personalized and most favorable financing

High-level knowledge transfer during the financing process

Co-finance management, i.e. involvement of several investors at the same time

Continuous support and advocacy during negotiations with the investor

The acquisition of deep project knowledge, with which we can professionally represent the involvement of funds

Capital raising process

Preparation, preparation of documents, financing management

Condition survey

We get to know the project's novelty value, operation, value proposition, team and sales structure.


Together, we create the values that underpin the investment. We develop or redesign key areas.


We analyze the market, collect data, model and position. We assess the potential of the project in international markets. We search for industry investments and exits.


Together, we prepare the Pitch presentation, model the planned operation based on KPIs and conversions, from which the financial model is created. We build the text business plan.

Investment management

We select the right investors to send the materials to. We continuously manage investor negotiations, up to the conclusion of the contract.

Profit products generated during the capital raising process


Pitch presentation


Finance model


Business Plan




Market analyses


Sales model


Marketing plan


Competitor analysis

Professional knowledge transfer during the capital raising process

Image 11.png

Market positioning

Image 12.png

Target market planning




HR development

Image 17.png

Lead management

Image 15.png

GTM strategy

Image 16.png

Distribution strategy

Image 14.png

Scale-Up strategy

Funding process timeline

Contract conclusion
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3


Design phase

1 month

Development stage

2 months

Investment management

4 - 6 months

Closing of financing

2 months

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