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USA market entry

Feeling like the US is a world away, both culturally and geographically? Overwhelmed by the daunting task of breaking into the US market and unsure of where to begin? Wondering why you should even consider expanding to the US?


At Neuronlabs, we understand these concerns and are here to guide you every step of the way.


Embark on a journey of strategic alignment where, in our Discovery session, we align your ambitions with the vast opportunities the US offers, ensuring your strategy is poised for success. Dive deep into the cultural & business etiquette of the US, not just understanding the market but its people.


We guide you through every nuance, ensuring effective communication and relationship building. Forge powerful alliances with the right partners, accelerating your US market entry.


Our network propels your venture forward, placing expertise at your fingertips.  Our seasoned US partners in regulatory, finance, tax, and marketing domains are at your beck and call.


We're here to ensure a seamless transition & setup. From finding investors to establishing operations, we provide hands-on local assistance, ensuring a smooth transition for your business.


With step by step clarity, we break down the journey into tangible steps, ensuring you always know where you stand and where you're headed.


Why the US market?

“The American market is the world's largest test kitchen. If you can succeed here, you can succeed anywhere"

Global leader in many sectors

Large customer market

Business friendly environment

USA has one of the largest consumer markets in the world. This provides companies with a vast audience to sell their products and services, the purchasing power of consumers is among the highest globally

The USA is a global leader in many sectors, including finance, technology, healthcare, agriculture and food which can provide businesses with access to cutting   edge technology and innovation

The USA has a business friendly environment, with low taxes, pro   business policies, and   supportive regulatory framework

Access to funding opportunities

The USA has a robust financial system, with many funding opportunities available for  businesses, including venture capital, angel investors, and government grants 

Modern infrastructure

The USA has modern infrastructure, including transportation, communication, and energy systems, which can help businesses operate more efficiently

Talented and productive workforce

The USA has a talented and productive workforce, with many skilled workers in various industries

Neuron Labs US Market Entry Solutions 

We practice what we preach

Discovery & Strategy Refinement 

Participating in a discovery session to refine your business strategy based on the prospects available in the US.

Cultural Adaptation Guidance: Gaining insights into US cultural and business etiquettes to enhance interaction effectiveness

Strategic networking

Utilizing NeuronLabs' support to build valuable connections and partnerships essential for successful market entry

Investor Outreach: Conducting targeted investor outreach to secure the necessary funding for your venture in the US

Operational setup

Ensuring a seamless setup of your operations in the US.

Acces to partner expertise

Leveraging the expertise of NeuronLabs' US partners in key areas like regulatory compliance, finance, tax, and marketing

Coordinated expert meetings

Facilitating coordinated meetings with industry experts to drive forward your market entry and establishment objectives

Why work with NeuronLabs


Understanding of US Dynamics

With 20 years of experience across various industries, we recognize that the US culture is distinct from Europe. Our deep understanding of American business nuances ensures we're perfectly aligned with your goals


Local expertise

Our on ground experience in the US equips us with insights into local intricacies and expectations, ensuring we're always in tune with your needs. We actively assist  with the local implementation to witness firsthand the execution of plans


Adaptive & Resilient

Our adaptability ensures we always find solutions that suit your needs, whether faced with time pressure or unforeseen changes


Strong partner network

Our access to a network of reliable and experienced partners guarantees you're always backed by top   tier expertise

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